The Creative Collaboration Vol.III by Lexi Clifford
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The Creative Collaboration Vol.III

Available from 3/23 to 3/27 Only

20% of all sales are being donated back to the photography community.
Enrollment is closed
Sadly, this is a tough time for our industry.  It has broken my heart hearing, reading, and seeing what this pandemic is doing to my friends, industry peers, and fellow creatives.

The financial stress on top of unknowns for your business is not what our colleagues should be worrying about right now with everything else going on.  

Belle Lumière has always been there to help our community. And with everything going on Lexi has wanted to step up more then ever. 

With our third round of the Creative Collaboration.  We wanted to turn this event from a launch into something bigger.
In an attempt to help in a small way Belle Lumiere has decided to donate 20% of all Sales directly back to creatives in our industry who need our help, as well as cut the price in half.  From $99 to $49, which will still include over $1,100 worth of material from seven educators in our community. 

I am not going to give you a huge sales pitch on why you should purchase this bundle.  I am not going to talk on and on about all the money you would save.  And I won’t share every little detail about the value this bundle holds.  Because this is not the time for that.  I will only say one thing.

This version of the creative collaboration was put together to support/benefit our industry

  • The creatives who are part of it
  • The creatives who purchase it
  • And a handful of those in our industry who need a little extra love and help right now

So, If you want to take this extra office time we have been gifted and jump into Marketing, In-person sales, Facebook, Photoshop, and more as well as help others in the industry.  Belle Lumiere would love your support. 

* Side note, if you do purchase the Creative Collaboration, there will be an option to join The Lumiè Society as well.  This is our monthly membership that includes monthly bundles of education (mini masterclasses, our magazine, and educational resources).  I have discounted this as well during this sale to $14 and I am donating 20% of those sales back to the community as well. 

What is the Creative Collaboration?

Belle Lumiere’s Creative Collaboration is a group of educational materials curated from the best in our industry and highly discounted just for you.  But there is a catch.  This special is only available for 5 days

Through Friday March 27th you can take advantage of grabbing up SEVEN of the industries top guides & classes valued at over $1.1k for only $49.  That’s over 95% off!!


Great question!! Let me show you what SEVEN goodies are included in this Creative Collaboration.

  • Kylee Ann's 90 days of Marketing (Value $119)
  • Mylyn Wood's Photoshop 101: Hacks For Creatives (Value $149)
  • Nicole Conner's A Photographer's Guide to a $10,000 Weekend (Value $199)
  • Jenni Maroney's In-Person Sales Course (Value $237)
  • Abby Waller's Facebook for Photographers(Value $197)
  • Whiskers & Willow Photography's Wedding Photographer’s Editing Guide (Value $65)
  • TIffany Farley's Session Guide Template (ID FILE) (Value $179)

BUT you can grab it all up for only $49.

Kylee Ann's 90 Days of Marketing

ALL service based businesses and personality based brands can solve their marketing problems by using 90 Days of Marketing be- cause it’s simple, straightforward and effective. You will be given one action step to market their business every single day for 90 days. 

Prompts will focus on: building online presence, blogging, client interaction, networking with new businesses and vendors, improving Pinterest strategy, getting to the top of Google search, starting an email list, and more. 
Learn More About Kylee

Mylyn Wood's Photoshop 101: Hacks For Creatives

Many of us as creatives shy away from learning Photoshop because there is just so much to learn it feels daunting. We tend to instead outsource the editing to professionals and those fees can really add up. In this course, I’ll show you the top hacks to save you time AND money in your editing process! Breaking it down into simple, easy to follow steps that will have you working like a pro in less than an hour! 
Learn More About Mylyn

Nicole Conner's A Photographer's guide to a $10,000 weekend

This guide is a tool to help photographers become more efficient and profitable by outlining my mini session strategy that earns me $10k in one weekend. The $10k weekend allows me to put my corporate knowledge to good use. Through a set of simple steps I will walk you through planning, collaborating, sharing, booking, communicating, shooting, delivering, and repeating for a profitable future. 
Learn More About Nicole

Jenni Maroney's The In-Person Sales Course


- Secrets to sharing your pricing with confidence without breaking a sweat

 - Simple steps that will have your dream clients begging to order more 

- How to DOUBLE your sales at your very next session (totally doable)

 - How I’ve been consistently booking 4-figure clients for years - My top secret to getting a referral from every client (word of mouth for the win!) 

- BONUS: in addition to the course, you’ll get to sit in on a LIVE (4-figure) IPS Session 
Learn More About Jenni

Abby Waller's Facebook for Photographers

Inside Facebook for Photographers you will find the step by step methods that Abby has used to grow her reach organically and use Facebook as the driving force behind her business since day 1! 

Thanks to facebook, I was able to create a 6-figure business with mini- mal marketing and easy strategies that continue to get tractions and bring in followers even YEARS after the content was created! 
Learn More About Abby

Whiskers & Willow Photography's Wedding Photographer’s Editing Guide

Have you been slogging slowly through your edits, endlessly tweaking your shots trying to figure out how other photographers are making their digital photos look so much like film? Then this is the guide for you. I shoot Fuji400h film on a medium format camera and use C1ick Fuji profiles to edit my digital images. My wedding galleries are a mixture of film and digital images. It saves me money and my clients can’t tell the difference! 
Learn More About Whiskers & Willow

Tiffany Farley’s Session Guide Template (ID FILE)

Tiffany Farley’s Start to Finish Session Planning Guide that she has printed for each of her clients. 

Includes, 50 page InDesign layout, 53 minute tutorial video on how to customize your file from start to finish, and Most of the writ- ten content Tiffany has in her guide on topics ranging from her suggested session checklist, what to wear, what to expect, hair and makeup tips, and more. Placeholder content is included for your own individual ordering process, product descriptions, and pricing. This is a InDesign file only. 
Learn More About Tiffany


How long is this available for?

You can grab up this Creative Collaboration between March 23rd and 27th! After that these guides will only be available separately.

How will the guides be delivered to me?

Once you purchase The Creative Collaboration you will have access to links and codes to download or access each guide/class.

How long do I have to download/access everything?

You will have a minimum of 12 months from March 23rd to access and or download the material.  And some classes include lifetime access. 

Can I split or share this with a friend?

Absolutely not! I am assuming you are a small business owner or artist yourself. Well so are we and we have all worked very hard at educating ourselves on the topics we teach. You wouldn't want someone sharing your hard work.  The Creative Collaboration is already over 95% off.  So it is 100% affordable to anyone who wants to invest in their education and worth so much more then the price. 

I have more questions?

No problem.  You can email in any question to and Lexi will be more than happy to answer them for you!

Terms of Sale

Belle Lumiere as well as all the other contributors would like to thank you for your purchase.  Your support means the world to us and our small businesses.

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