The Creative Collaboration Vol.II by Lexi Clifford
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The Creative Collaboration Vol.II

Enrollment is closed


Belle Lumiere’s Creative Collaboration is a group of educational materials curated from the best in our industry and highly discounted just for you.  But there is a catch.  This special is only available for 10 days. That’s it!

Through October 30th you can take advantage of grabbing up SEVEN of the industries top guides / classes / and videos (PLUS) a $99 credit to, valued at over $1.1k for only $99.  That’s over 90% off!!


There is none! You just only have ten days to take advantage of this special. After that these guides won't be available together at this price again.


Great question!! Let me show you what EIGHT goodies are included in this Creative Collaboration.

  • Lindsey Davenport - Editing Bundle (Value $195)
  • Kristin Sweeting - Guide to Growing Your Profits with ALBUMS! + Pricing for Profit - For Film/Hybrid Wedding Photographers   (Value $84)
  • $99 credit to (Legal Resources for Photographers) (Value $99)
  • Jade Magnolia - The Art of Styling Wedding Day Flatlays (Value $99)
  • D’Arcy Benincosa - The Art of the Client Proposal (Value $129)
  • Eden Strader - Your Guide to IG (Value $119)
  • Gina Weathersby - Natural Light Food Photography Narratives (Value $395)

BUT you can grab it all up for only $99.

D’Arcy Benincosa's The Art of the Client Proposal

Over the last several years of pitching to wedding, branding, commercial, and consulting clients, I’ve used the art of the proposal. I’ve been fascinated by the psychology behind purchasing decisions and I’ve put together a comprehensive course and guide full of what has helped me become successful in customizing my proposals and ultimately booking more clients. 

What's included? 
  • How to up level the type of clients you’re booking 
  • How to charge what you're worth 
  • The psychology behind purchase decisions and how to increase your success rate 
  • Creating customized proposals 
  • A complete checklist for your proposals 
  • 5 Examples of my customized proposals
Value - $129
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Jade Magnolia's A Detailed Guide to Beautiful Flatlays

Most weddings don’t come with a flatlay stylist so this task usually falls onto the photographer; which can be difficult with tight timelines and so much pressure for the details to be styled perfectly. In this course you will learn how to build a practical and universal styling kit, how to efficiently style the details on the wedding day, and how to make them stunning for your photos. My goal is to help you feel prepared so that you can quickly style all the details without taking up too much of your timeline. You will also learn how to make each one beautiful to insure happy clients, grow your portfolio, and help your weddings get published.
What's included?
  • How to build your styling kit and where to source items
  • The process of flatlay styling
  • How to style wedding invitations, from one piece to large invites
  • Invitation layouts
  • Styling bridal details
  • Styling groom’s details
  • Styling other wedding day details
VALUE - $99
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Eden Strader's Instagram: It's not all about the Algorithm

Sick of stressing over Instagram?
Not sure how to gain clients, combat the algorithm, and get your work seen?
Not any more. It’s time to dive into instagram with a new perspective. It’s not all about the algorithm, and it’s not all about the followers. Followers don’t buy. CUSTOMERS buy. Let's connect you to your customers.

VALUE - $119
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Lindsay Davenport's Editing Bundle

The Editing Bundle is a 2-course package that was created to cover all of your editing basics in Lightroom. It delivers a value-packed education on editing in Lightroom, as well as diving deeper into the more nitty-gritty details of culling, blogging and the professional workflow that comes with simply dealing with high volumes of images as a professional photographer.

 •    The Lightroom Editing Course contains over 5 hours of broken down instruction starting from importing with organization to editing with presets, “batch editing” (aka saving YOU time) and exporting.

•    The Editing Workflow Course is just under 3 hours worth of content that saves you time as a professional. This course is guaranteed to give you confidence in your culling and editing workflow as you approach it with more of a system.
 •    As a bonus, it even dives deeper into how to blog using BlogStomp, post a “Same Day Wedding Slideshow”, outsource to editors and design and order albums using AlbumStomp. With nearly 8 hours of broken down instruction that’s easy to navigate through nearly 50 individual video modules, your editing journey has just been made simple using The Editing Bundle

VALUE - $195
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$99 credit to (Legal Resources for Photographers)

Headed by Rachel Brenke, TheLawTog is the only dedicated resource for photographers.  With practicing lawyers, business consultants, CPA, financial planners (and more!) you’ll get information with first-hand experience to help your photography business.

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Kristin Sweeting's Guide to Growing Your Profits with Albums & Pricing for Profit - For Film/Hybrid Wedding Photographers

Selling albums is one of the best and fastest ways to increase the profitability of your wedding photography business. Albums are the best way for your clients to view their work over the long term, and this guide shows you all you need to know about how to add albums in to your business plan. 

This 16 page guide was made to help you grow your business through album sales. Includes pricing strategies, how to talk about and sell albums, sales techniques, recommended album and design companies, increasing your businesses profits, and more!
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We as creatives are the worst at pricing our own work! Pricing and profitability is a struggle for SO many photographers out there, and you are fighting against the tide to make sure you are profitable AND producing work you're proud of! This guide was made to help figure out where our pricing needs to be and gives you the tools to plug your own numbers in and work it out for your business! 

This guide is specifically geared towards film and hybrid photographers, because while film is making your work shine above the crowd, it also might be hurting your piggy bank, so let's fix that!
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Gina Weathersby's Natural Light Food Photography Narratives

This workshop is all about making beautiful images of food using natural light, simple styling as well as telling a story around it. Seeking the one perfect image is wonderful, but capturing a narrative pulls your viewer in deeper, and keeps them engaged.  Let me share with you what I have learned and what I know about making beautiful and engaging images of food by using solid techniques, and a creative heart through descriptions, visual examples, demonstrations, and optional shooting assignments.
This workshop is for food bloggers, recipe developers, food writers, and yes - even wedding and family photographers incorporating food into your sessions -  It’s for anyone wanting to learn or improve the quality of your images and/or how to approach, set up, style and make beautiful images of food using natural light in the simplest of settings.


How long is this available for?

You can grab up this Creative Collaboration between October 21st - 30th ONLY! After that these guides will only be available separately again and cost you over $1.1k to grab them all up. 

How will the guides be delivered to me?

Once you purchase The Creative Collaboration you will have access to links and codes to download or access each guide/class.

Your credit to will be emailed to you with in 3 business day of your purchase. 

How long do I have to download/access everything?

You will have a minimum of 12 months from November 1st, 2019 to access and or download the material.  And some classes include lifetime access. 

Most of the material can be downloaded, but videos and some information can only be accesses through the provided link.  You will continue to have access to these for a minimum of one year.

Can I split or share this with a friend?

Absolutely not! I am assuming you are a small business owner or artist yourself. Well so are we and we have all worked very hard at educating ourselves on the topics we teach. You wouldn't want someone sharing your hard work.  The Creative Collaboration is already over 90% off.  So it is 100% affordable to anyone who wants to invest in their education and worth so much more then the price. 

What format is each guide/class in?

Great Question!  The Creative Collaboration includes 7 classes that consist of a mixture of PDF downloads and videos,  depending on which class you are looking at.  And are all on a mixture of platforms.

You can specifically see how each one is delivered by clicking "learn more" under the guide/class you are interested in above.

Keep in mind ALL the classes/guide listed above are included in the Creative Collaboration.

For your credit to, you will be emailed within 3 business days of your purchase.

I have more questions?

No problem.  You can email in any question to and Lexi will be more than happy to answer them for you!

Terms of Sale

Belle Lumiere as well as all the other contributors would like to thank you for your purchase.  Your support means the world to us and our small businesses.

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